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Divorce - Uniform Uncontested Divorce Packet Forms
Several forms are required to file for uncontested divorce; download the information you need.
Domestic Partnership
Find out how to register a domestic partnership with the City Clerk.
Family Court Services
Find out how the Department of Probation is working to reduce criminal activity among juveniles.
Housing Court
Housing court hears landlord-tenant disputes in New York City.
Inmate Visitation Information
Get answers to frequently asked questions regarding inmate visitations from the Department of Correction.
Juror Handbook
Learn about the rules and regulations related to serving jury duty.
Juror Orientation Video
Understand what is expected of jurors in petit or grand jury trials.
Jury Duty
Find general information about jury service in New York State.
Jury Duty Location Information
Find jury duty location information by county in New York State.
Legal Visits to Jail Inmates
Attorney and legal visits for incarcerated individuals follow certain rules. Learn what's required and how to obtain legal passes.
Obtain Legal Passes
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