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Certificate of Non-Impediment
This certificate is issued by the City Clerk upon request to be used as proof of unmarried status when getting married in a foreign country.
Citizens Jury Project
The Citizens Jury Project is dedicated to improving the jury process for everyone - judges, administrators, and, most of all, jurors.
CUNY Citizenship & Immigration Project
The City University of New York (CUNY) offers this Immigration Law and Policy website to help immigrants, foreign students, college and university administrators, and City, state, and federal officials and employees, understand US naturalization and citizenship law and procedure.
CityAdmin: A Library of New York City Agency Decisions
CityAdmin is a free, online, searchable research library of New York City agency decisions. The library has been created with the assistance of the participating New York City agencies, and is maintained by New York Law School’s Center for New York City Law.
City Courts
The Mayor's Advisory Committee on the Judiciary helps recruit, evaluate, and nominate qualified judges for the City court system.
City Marshals
Learn about how City Marshals are appointed, how to contact them, and what they do from the Department of Investigation.
Commissioner of Deeds
Applicants for Commissioner of Deeds must comply with several regulations outlined on the City Clerk's website. Find out what's required and how to apply.
CourtHelp is the Unified Court System's online guide to using New York courts.
Divorce Information
Divorces in New York are handled by the county Supreme Court.
Divorce - Uncontested
Find out if your divorce will be considered uncontested.
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