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Freelancers Union
Freelancers Union is a national nonprofit organization offering health insurance and other benefits to independent workers. Freelancers Union is a primary source for affordable health insurance for freelancers, consultants, independent contractors, temporary workers, part-timers, contingent employees, and the self-employed in the NYC area.
Health Care Resources for Uninsured New Yorkers
The Office of Citywide Health Insurance Access (OCHIA) has useful information for individuals and families who do not have health insurance, including access to HealthStat - a Citywide initiative to help uninsured New Yorkers enroll in existing healthcare programs.
Health Insurance Options
The Mayor's Office of Citywide Health Insurance Access (OCHIA) has created a guide to simplify the process of selecting insurance, whether for an individual, a sole proprietor, or a small business.
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Healthy New York
Healthy NY is available for eligible individuals in addition to small employers who can all purchase a streamlined benefits package offered by all health management organizations (HMOs) in New York State. It creates a standardized health insurance benefit that is made more affordable through State sponsorship. Individuals must meet certain eligibility criteria based on employment status, income, and other specific criteria.
NY State Consumer Guide to HMOs
Finding the right health management organization (HMO) can be overwhelming. New York State's Deptartment of Insurance has provided an online guide that helps residents make informed decisions.
NYC Managed Care Consumer Assistance Program
The NYC Managed Care Consumer Assistance Program (NYCMCCAP) provides a knowledgeable resource about health care questions - whether related to HMOs, Medicare, or Medicaid - in a variety of languages.
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