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Complaint Against the NYPD
If you witnessed inappropriate or illegal behavior, or if you want to file a complaint on behalf of someone who did, you can do so using an online form on the Civilian Complaint Review Board website.
File a Human Rights Complaint
The Commission on Human Rights publishes detailed instructions for filing a human rights complaint with the City.
Food Safety and Community Sanitation Corruption
Protect yourself from persons posing as health inspectors and know your rights during inspections to minimize corruption.
Human Resources Administration (HRA) Office of Revenue and Investigation
The Office of Revenue and Investigation supports HRA Program integrity by deterring fraud in the Public Assistance, Medicaid, and Food Stamp Programs.
Report Fraud to the City Comptroller
If you are aware of a business or person working to defraud the City of New York, please report your allegation to the City Comptroller.
Whistleblower Law
The Department of Investigation protects employees who report corruption and explains employees' rights and obligations related to the Whistleblower Law.
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