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Affordable Apartments
Search a current list of affordable rentals in the city from the Department of Housing Preservation and Development.
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Apartment Hunting
The Rent Guidelines Board breaks down the methods of apartment hunting and the pros and cons of your options.
Email Updates about Apartments and Homes for Rent or Sale
Sign up for email updates through to find out when affordable apartments or homes become availabe for rent or sale.
Find Low-, Middle-, and Mixed-Income Apartments
The New York City Housing Development Corporation finances the creation and development of low-income housing in the City. Visit the site to find currently available apartments or available programs for affordable housing.
Mitchell-Lama Housing
There are 135 City-sponsored, moderate- and middle-income rental and limited-equity cooperative developments in the City known as Mitchell-Lamas.
Rent Stabilized Buildings
Find out which buildings in your neighborhood are rent stabilized.
Where to Find Low Rents
See average apartment rents by borough for market-rate and rent-stabilized apartments on the Rent Guidelines Board Web site.
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