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Health and Hospitals Corporation Volunteer Opportunities
Get answers to frequently asked questions about volunteering opportunities at your local hospital and find out where to sign up.
Homeless Services Volunteer Opportunities
Find out how you can help the homeless, or those at risk of becoming homeless, in New York City.
Materials for the Arts (MFTA)
MFTA collects reusable items from a host of reliable donors and distributes them free of charge to nonprofit arts organizations, City agencies, public schools, and social, health and community service organizations that have arts programs in New York City.
NYC Service
NYC Service brings together individuals, corporations, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations in order to connect people and facilitate meaningful volunteer opportunities that significantly improve the quality of life in New York City.
For more information on a variety of volunteer opportunities in NYC
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Mayor's Paint Program
Apply to help beautify New York City through the Mayor's Paint Program, a volunteer effort to remove graffiti.
New York Public Library Volunteer Opportunities
Find out about tutoring opportunities as well as work in local and research libraries through the New York Public Library's website.
Parks Department Volunteer Opportunities
Find out how to get involved at your local park.
Partnership for Parks
Help beautify New York City's parks.
Queens Borough Public Library Volunteer Opportunities
Join over 1,000 volunteers who contribute their time at the Queens Borough Public Library.
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