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Payroll Administration, Office of
The Office of Payroll Administration is charged with administering the City's payroll and ensuring prompt and accurate payment of employees' wages and salaries.
People with Disabilities, Office for
MOPD works hand-in-hand with other City agencies to assure that the voice of the disabled community is represented and that City programs and policies address the needs of people with disabilities.
Police Department
The Police Department (NYPD) is committed to providing, with the utmost integrity and respect, a safe and secure environment for the public. The personnel assigned to the Department's 76 precincts, 12 Transit Districts, nine Housing Police Service Areas and other investigative and specialized units, protect life and deter crime while responding to emergency calls and impartially enforcing the law.
Police Pension Fund
The Police Pension fund provides services to current and retired officers of the New York City Police Department.
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Probation, Department of
The Department of Probation (DOP) contributes to public safety by monitoring and enforcing conditions of probation. The Department is required to supply information and recommendations to the courts on both adult and juvenile cases. Pre-Sentence Investigations are provided to the courts on all convicted adults to aid in sentencing. Investigations and Recommendations Reports are prepared for the Family Court to aid in the decision making on delinquency, Persons In Need of Supervision, custody, visitation, neglect, and adoption cases. The Department annually serves over 60,000 adult probationers and provides intake services, investigation and/or probation supervision for more than 25,000 juveniles each year.
Procurement Policy Board
The Procurement Policy Board (PPB) is authorized to promulgate rules governing the procurement of goods, services, and construction by the City of New York under Chapter 13 of the Charter of the City of New York.
Public Administrator - Queens County
The Office of Public Administrator administers estates of deceased persons where no person entitled to take or share in an estate will accept the responsibility to act, or where no will or personal representative entitled by law is left to act.
Queens Library
The Queens Library provides an online catalog, activities for kids and teens, online research, and an events calendar in a variety of languages.
Records, Department of
The Department of Records and Information Services preserves and maintains the City’s records and publications through the Municipal Archives, the Municipal Records Management Division, and the City Hall Library. The Department currently responds to more than 65,000 requests annually and provides the public and City agencies access to approximately 160,000 cubic feet of historically valuable City records and photos, and a unique collection of nearly 260,000 books, official government reports, studies and other publications. Through its Web site, the Department also provides electronic access to official reports issued by New York City government agencies.
Rent Guidelines Board
The Rent Guidelines Board provides information on renewal-lease guidelines for rent stabilized apartments in New York City.
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