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Housing Preservation and Development, Department of
Using a variety of preservation, development, and enforcement strategies, the Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) strives to improve the availability, affordability, and quality of housing in New York City. As the nation’s largest municipal housing agency, HPD works with private, public, and community partners to strengthen neighborhoods and enable more New Yorkers to become homeowners or to rent well-maintained, affordable housing.
Human Resources Administration
The Human Resources Administration (HRA) assists individuals and families in achieving and sustaining their maximum degree of self-sufficiency. HRA provides temporary assistance and employment services or referrals at 31 Job Centers, 11 providing specialized services and 8 Model Offices designed to streamline workflow and enhance access to services. HRA also offers public health insurance at 19 Medicaid Community Offices (18 Model Offices) and food stamps at 30 offices. Support services to individuals with AIDS and HIV-related illnesses are provided through 12 centers (4 Model Offices); protective services to adults through 5 HRA borough offices and 4 contracted programs; and services to victims of domestic violence through 45 State-licensed residential programs, 15 nonresidential programs, and various HRA programs. HRA determines the home care eligibility of disabled or frail Medicaid recipients through 9 Community Alternative Systems Agency offices, contracts with 95 home care provider agencies, and assists New York City families in obtaining support orders and receiving child support payments at 4 borough and 5 Family Court offices.
Human Rights, Commission on
The City Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) investigates an average of 1,000 allegations per year of discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations, as well as bias-related harassment. In addition, the Commission initiates investigations and prosecutions of systemic Human Rights Law violations. The Commission provides pre-complaint intervention and promotes positive intergroup relations through conferences, workshops, and training sessions conducted by its Community Relations Bureau.
Immigrant Affairs, Office of
The Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs and Language Services promotes the interests and needs of immigrants and provides language-related services to immigrants and others with limited English language skills.
Independent Budget Office, NYC
The Independent Budget Office provides non-partisan budgetary, economic, and policy analysis for New York City residents and elected officials, and increases the visibility of the budget process.
Information Technology and Telecommunications, Department of
The Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DoITT) works with City agencies to manage information systems that support City operations and public access to City services. DoITT operates the City’s 311 Citizen Service Center, which provides the public with information and services for over 300 agencies and organizations. DoITT also manages and operates the City’s data center, Web site, telephone systems, fiber-optic network, radio network, internal data network, and television and radio stations. In addition, DoITT administers the City’s telecommunications franchises including the “high capacity” fiber, cable television infrastructure, public pay telephones, and mobile telecommunications equipment that is installed on City property and in City streets.
Intergovernmental Affairs, Office of
The Office of Intergovernmental Affairs coordinates the City's interaction with state and federal Legislative Affairs offices, as well as the offices of the City Comptroller, Public Advocate, and Borough Presidents. The office keeps the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor for Operations informed about intergovernmental issues and is the liaison between the City and other governments, seeking to foster constructive links between the Administration and these entities.
Investigation, Department of
The Department of Investigation (DOI) promotes and maintains integrity and efficiency in City government operations and services by investigating and referring for prosecution City employees and contractors engaged in corrupt activities or unethical conduct. It has oversight of more than 70 agencies and 150 boards and commissions that employ more than 300,000 staff members. The Department studies City agencies to determine if corrective action is necessary and recommends actions to prevent criminal misconduct and waste. In Fiscal 2005 the Department received 11,609 complaints and conducted 1,729 investigations.
Juvenile Justice, Department of
The Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) provides detention, aftercare and prevention services to juveniles, ages 7 through 15, in New York City. The Department operates three secure detention and 17 non-secure detention facilities located throughout the City that admit over 5,000 youth each year.
Labor Relations, Office of
The Office of Labor Relations represents the Mayor in all labor relations between the City of New York and labor organizations representing employees of the City. The Office Commissioner also administers a variety of programs for City Employees.
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