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HIV Care Status Reports System

As of March 2015, the HIV Care Status Reports (CSR) system is available to all NYC clinical providers. The CSR system is a secure, web-based application that enables facilities to electronically submit eligible out-of-care patients (>12 months) to the Health Department for a query against the HIV registry for return of limited information on the patients��� current HIV care status in NYC. The CSR system is accessible via the Health Department���s NYCMED provider portal.

The purpose of the CSR system is to assist providers in identifying patients who are out of care in New York City. The only individual-level data that will be returned from the HIV CSR system to providers are the three following care status outcomes: follow-up needed, no follow-up needed, or non-case. The outcomes are based on HIV-related laboratory test data (CD4 counts, viral load tests) reported to the NYC HIV Surveillance system and information on vital status.

For more detailed information, please see the following presentations: If you have additional questions regarding the CSR system, please contact