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Health Care Providers
Selected Programs and Services for Providers

    NYC MED gives health care providers access to all New York City
    Health Department on-line applications. Register for NYC MED here.

  • Alcohol and Drug Use: Provider Resources
  • Alerts: Health Alert Network (HAN)
  • Animal Disease Reporting
  • Asthma information for healthcare providers
  • Cancer: Citywide Colon Cancer Control Coalition
  • Cancer: Navigator Program Network
  • Child & Adolescent Health Examination Form
  • Communicable Diseases: Reporting of Communicable Diseases and Outbreaks
  • Diabetes Information for Healthcare Providers
  • Domestic Violence: Healthcare Provider Resources
  • Early Intervention Information for Healthcare Providers
  • Emergency Preparedness Information for Healthcare Providers
  • Falls Prevention: Information for Providers
  • Hepatitis A, B & C: Provider Information
  • Hepatitis B, Perinatal: Provider Information
  • Hepatitis C: Read Commissioner Farley's recommendations for increased Hepatitis C testing.
  • HIV/AIDS Reporting
  • HIV Care, Treatment, and Housing Information for Health Care, Housing, and Supportive Service Providers
  • HIV Care Status Reports
  • Immunization: Citywide Immunization Registry (CIR)
  • Immunization: Information for Healthcare Providers
  • Immunization: Vaccines for Children Program (VFC)
  • Influenza  Information for Health Care Providers
  • InfluenzaSentinel Physician Surveillance
  • Laboratory Information
  • Lead Poisoning: provider information
  • Measles  Update on Measles in New York City NEW
  • Meningitis: Information for Health Care Providers
  • Mental Health: Identifying/Managing Trauma-Related Mental Health Disorders (Free CME Online Training)
  • Mental Health: NY Safe Act
  • Mental Health: Parachute NYC NEW
  • Mental Health: : Recovery from Mental Illness
  • MERS: Coronavirus and Novel Influenza Guidelines for Clinicians and New Patient Triage Posters NEW
  • NYC DOHMH Contact Information
  • Opioid Analgesic Action Kit
  • Oral Health: provider resources
  • Pregnancy and Baby Care: Provider Resources
  • Primary Care Information Project (PCIP)
  • Publications for Providers
  • Public Health Detailing Action Kits
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health: Providers Resources
  • Smoking and Tobacco Use: Health Care Provider Resources
  • STD/HIV: Expedited Partner Therapy
  • STD/HIV: Infiormation for Providers
  • STD/HIV: The Region II Prevention Training Center (PTC)
  • Tuberculosis: Resources for Providers
  • West Nile Virus: healthcare provider information
  • Zoonotic & Vectorborne Diseases: healthcare provider information
  • Reporting of Communicable Diseases and Outbreaks
    For immediate reporting of any suspected or confirmed illness caused by a potential biological threat agent (e.g., anthrax, smallpox, tularemia or plague) or other disease of urgent public health concern (e.g., avian influenza or SARS), please call the following numbers and ask to speak to the DOHMH Doctor on Call:
    Business Hours (Monday through Friday 9 AM to 5 PM): Call the Bureau of Communicable Disease at 347-396-2600

    At all other times (Nights, weekends or holidays): Call the Poison Control Center at 1-212-POISONS (1-212-764-7667)

    NOTE: Section 11.03(b) of the New York City Health Code require the immediate reporting by telephone of a suspected outbreak among 3 or more persons of any disease or condition (whether it is on the list of reportable diseases and conditions or not), and of any unusual manifestation of disease in an individual.

    ► Learn more about reporting communicable diseases 
    to the NYC DOHMH.

    Child & Adolescent Health Examination Form
    The CH205 form makes it easier for parents and providers to record health examinations for children and adolescents. Every child attending to a New York City school (public or private), day care service, early intervention program or day camp must have a yearly health examination. This new form takes the place of the 211S School form and the 318KA Day Care form.

    ► Download and print the Child & Adolescent
    Health Examination Form (CH205)

    Laboratory Information
    The primary mandate of the the Public Health Laboratory is to provide state-of-the-art laboratory testing to address the health needs of New York City residents. In pursuit of that goal, the Public Health Laboratory develops new procedures and technology responsive to emerging public health issues. In addition, a wide variety of clinical and environmental testing services are provided in support of Health Department programs and mandates.

    DOHMH Contact Information
    Business Hours (Monday through Friday 9 AM-5 PM): To report a communicable disease, call the Bureau of Communicable Disease at 347-396-2600.

    Call the Provider Access Line at 1-866-NYC-DOH1 (1-866-692-3641) for immediate consultation on all other public health issues.

    At all other times (Nights, weekends or holidays): Call the Poison Control Center at 1-212-POISONS (1-212-764-7667)

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    NYC MED is the single point of entry for providers to access all New York City (NYC) Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) on-line applications. If you are not currently a NYC MED member, please register to have access to NYC MED. If you have problems accessing NYC MED, please email or call 1-888-NYCMED9 (1-888-692-6339). You can use NYC MED to access the following applications:
    • Health Alert Network (HAN)

    • Citywide Immunization Registry (CIR): Look up and report online! The Registry is available through our Website! Providers no longer need a modem and dial-up connection to access and report to the Registry online. Plus, the new and improved CIR application offers convenient features, such as a Patient List for easy access to your patients' immunization records and an Add History section for updating immunization events.

    • Medical Reserve Corps: The Medical Reserve Corps is an emergency preparedness structure of specialized health-related expertise/skills volunteers to assist New York City's Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, (DOHMH) during a large-scale local emergency.

    • Universal Reporting Form (URF) : The URF is used by providers for mandatory reporting of diseases and conditions to the DOHMH, either online and via paper version. To use this form:
      1. Review instructions to register for NYC-MED to be able to submit URFs online.
      2. Download a paper version of a URF.
      3. See a list of which reportable diseases and conditions.

    MERS Coronavirus and Novel Guidelines for Clinicians and New Patient Triage Posters

    Two recent international outbreaks of severe acute respiratory illness merit increased vigilance for possible cases that might occur in NYC. MERS Co-V, a novel coronavirus, has affected persons in the Middle East, and travel-associated cases have occurred in Europe - though not yet in the United States. Influenza A (H7N9) has affected persons in mainland China; no cases of H7N9 have yet occurred outside of China.
    To remind staff to consider travel history when evaluating patients with severe acute respiratory illness. The following posters are available for use in your facility:

    Guidelines for Clinicians (helps medical staff recognize, triage and report suspected MERS or H7N9 cases)

    ���STOP��� poster for entrances and triage stations (asks patients who recently traveled and have fever and respiratory symptoms [as well as rash, vomiting and diarrhea, to cover generic symptoms applicable to other travel-related diseases] to identify themselves to staff immediately). Other languages: [Español][������][��������������].

    To order additional posters for your facility, please call 311

    Influenza Sentinel Physician Surveillance
    Enroll now to be part of an important public health initiative to conduct surveillance for influenza-like illness (ILI). Your data is combined with other influenza surveillance data to provide a national picture of influenza virus and ILI activity in the U.S. With approximately 3,000 ILI Net sites enrolled across the country during the 2011-2012 season, ILINet is the most expansive national influenza surveillance system and relies upon many thousands of volunteer medical professionals across the country.

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    Primary Care Information Project (PCIP)
    The Primary Care Information Project (PCIP) is a new cross-divisional program to advance health information technology (HIT) among primary care providers in underserved communities. PCIP focuses on three provider groups in New York City:
    1. community health centers,
    2. small primary care practices in District of Public Health Office areas; and
    3. correctional health service.

    ► Visit the PCIP homepage for more information.

    Physician's Alerts and Information