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About Us
Take Care New York Partners

Take Care NY LogoTake Care New York (TCNY) tackles ten priority areas by advancing health promotion policies and interventions, and offering ideas and resources to help partners sustain and strengthen public health goals. Partners range from community and faith-based organizations to hospitals, businesses and government agencies.

Partners played a vital role in shaping TCNY 2016. The Health Department organized listening sessions in five boroughs throughout New York City to share the TCNY 2016 agenda across communities and gather feedback on improving existing health interventions and employing novel approaches to achieve its public health goals.

The Department relies on the commitment of its 600+ partners to reach TCNY goals, and has developed an inventory of Interventions for Action (IFAs) that can be implemented to help enhance the health of New Yorkers. Interventions range from opening stair wells and posting stair use prompts to adopting a healthy food policy in one’s organization.

Whether you represent a community or faith-based organization, a hospital, business or government agency – everyone plays a role in improving the health of all New Yorkers. We look forward to collaborating with you to maximize our impact and enhance the health of all New Yorkers.