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We Want to Hear From You! Take Care New York Feedback Form

If you have not had a chance to attend the TCNY Listening Sessions, please visit the Take Care New York website to view the supplementary presentation and documents. We will be collecting your feedback until May 15th.


Have you attended a TCNY Listening Session?

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What borough do you represent? 

Please describe yourself. Check ALL that apply:

General Public
Health Care Provider
Community-based Organization
Business Group
Faith-Based Organization
Senior Center
City Agency
Elected Official

Are you interested in any of the below Take Care New York priority areas? (check all that apply):

Tobacco-Free Living
Healthy Eating
Active Living
Heart Health
HIV Prevention
Promote Mental Health
Reduce Alcohol and Substance Abuse
Prevent and Treat Cancer
Healthy Indoor and Outdoor Air
Quality Preventive Care
What specific strategies or interventions would you recommend to address the priority areas in Take Care New York?
How can we help your organization incorporate Take Care New York priorities within your activities? E.g. specific tools, materials or technical assistance that would support your efforts?
How can we engage additional partners on Take Care New York strategies?
Additional comments and feedback:

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