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Accessible Movie Theaters
Several movie theaters in the city have varied resources for the disabled. Find out which theaters work for you.
Adaptive Sports in NYC (in PDF)
Athletic leagues, facilities, and programs created for New Yorkers with disabilities are growing every day. The Sports Commission provides a comprehensive list of local and national programs.
Adult Protective Services
The Human Resources Administration provides services for adults who, due to mental or physical dysfunction, are unable to care for themselves and have no one who is able to care for them.
Advocacy and Independent Living
Get a list of groups and agencies that provide help with entitlements, employment, education, independent living, housing, health care, and other issues for people with disabilities.
Carrier Alert Program
This voluntary preventive program enhances a letters carrier's ability to respond when a senior or person with disability may be in distress.
Download an enrollment in English (in PDF)
Download an enrollment in Spanish (in PDF)
Download an enrollment in Chinese (in PDF)
Download an enrollment in Russian (in PDF)
City Programs for the Disabled
Find out more about City programs and regulations related to people with disabilities from the Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities.
Disability Rent Increase Exemption (DRIE) Program
If you are disabled and a renter, you may qualify to receive a rent increase exemption. Learn more and find out if you qualify for the Disability Rent Increase Exemption (DRIE) Program.
Domestic Violence Victims with Disabilities
While the signs of domestic violence for people with disabilities are similar to those of other forms of domestic violence, these victims face particular barriers to getting help.
Forms for the Disabled
The Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities provides easy access to several forms for disabled persons.
Parking Permits
The Department of Transportation (DOT) issues parking permits for businesses, nonprofit organizations, and New York City residents with disabilities to allow them to park in designated areas. Visit DOT's e-Permits page, which allows users to apply for and renew permits online.
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