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Appeal Prepayment Waiver Application - Parking Violations
Motorists have the right to appeal a guilty hearing determination or a denied Motion to Vacate. An Appeal is not a new hearing, but a review of the first hearing because it is believed that a judicial error was made.
Finance - Letter Rulings
Use this form to ask a question about a letter ruling and/or to submit a request for the status of a requested letter ruling.
Finance - Legal Inquiries Form
Use this form to contact the Department of Finance regarding substantive legal issues with City-administered taxes.
Low-Income Housing Tax Credits
HPD awards tax credits to qualified low-income City housing projects that have substantial reconstruction or improvement projects.
Notice of Tax Due/Notice and Demand for Payment
Ask questions related to a Notice of Tax Due or Notice and Demand for Payment.
NYCeFile Electronic Filing Service
Ask a question about the NYCeFile electronic filing service offered by the Department of Finance.
School Tax Relief Program
Ask a question about the school tax relief program.
Tax Enforcement Office
Ask a question to the NYC Department of Finance, Office of Tax Enforcement.
Tax Lien Customer Assistance
Ask the Department of Finance questions related to tax liens.
Go to the Bills, Liens, and Taxes FAQ
Tax Practitioner's Gateway "Audit Policy and Procedure"
Ask a question about tax audit policy and procedure.
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