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Mayoral and City Agencies
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Juvenile Justice, Department of
The Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) provides detention, aftercare and prevention services to juveniles, ages 7 through 15, in New York City. The Department operates three secure detention and 17 non-secure detention facilities located throughout the City that admit over 5,000 youth each year.
Labor Relations, Office of
The Office of Labor Relations represents the Mayor in all labor relations between the City of New York and labor organizations representing employees of the City. The Office Commissioner also administers a variety of programs for City Employees.
Landmarks Preservation Commission
The Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) designates, regulates and protects the City’s architectural, historic and cultural resources, which now number 1,128 individual landmarks and more than 22,000 properties in 83 historic districts and 11 extensions to existing historic districts. The Agency annually reviews more than 9,000 applications to alter landmark structures. Enforcement staff investigate complaints of illegal work and initiate action to compel compliance with the Landmarks Law.
Latin Media & Entertainment Commission
The Latin Media & Entertainment Commission advises the Mayor on business development and retention strategies specific to the Latin media and entertainment industry. The Commission consists of leaders from the Latin and mainstream media industry, community leaders, and business executives. The heads of seven City agencies also serve on the Commission as ex officio members.
Law Department
The Law Department is the attorney for the City, City agencies and certain non- City agencies and pension boards, and is in charge of litigation and other legal matters involving the City and its interests. The Law Department has responsibility for over 90,000 matters, and provides legal advice to all City agencies.
Loft Board
The New York City Loft Board resolves issues regarding the legalization for residential use of buildings under the Board's jurisdiction (known as interim multiple dwellings or IMDs), adjudicates proceedings resulting from applications filed by IMD owners and tenants, and enforces minimum housing maintenance standards for IMD buildings.
Management and Budget, Office of
The Office of Management and Budget assists the Mayor in developing and implementing the City's budget, and advises the Mayor on policy affecting the City's fiscal stability and the effectiveness of City services.
Mayor's Office
Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg took office on January 1, 2002. The Mayor's Office Web pages feature the biography of the 108th Mayor, as well as press releases, City Hall press conference videos, major addresses, a history of City Hall, and the Mayor's Photo Gallery.
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NYC Service
NYC Service is meeting its goals to make New York City the easiest place in the world to volunteer, target volunteer efforts to address the most pressing local challenges, and promote service as a core part of what it means to be a New Yorker. NYC Service aims to drive volunteer resources to six impact areas where New York City’s needs are greatest: strengthening communities, helping neighbors in need, improving education, increasing public health, enhancing emergency preparedness and protecting our environment.
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New York Public Library
Library services are provided through three independent systems: the Brooklyn Public Library, the New York Public Library and the Queens Borough Public Library. These systems operate 87 local library branches throughout the City and four research library centers in Manhattan. The libraries offer free and open access to books, periodicals, electronic resources and non-print materials. Reference and career services; Internet access; and educational, cultural, and recreational programming for adults, young adults, and children are also provided. The libraries’ collections include 377 electronic databases and more than 65 million books, periodicals and other circulating and reference items.
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Mayoral and City Agencies