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Mayoral and City Agencies
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Campaign Finance Board
The Campaign Finance Board administers the City Campaign Finance Program, publishes the City Voter Guide, and implements the debate requirement for candidates running for Mayor, Comptroller, and Public Advocate.
Chief Medical Examiner, Office of
The Office of Chief Medical Examiner (OCME) is responsible for investigating deaths resulting from criminal violence; casualty or suicide; that occur suddenly, when in apparent good health; when unattended by a physician; in custody; or occurring in any suspicious or unusual manner. The Office also investigates deaths where an application for cremation is made. The Office provides additional forensic services, including DNA testing, to support criminal investigations. The Office also manages all functions of the City mortuary, including the retrieval and processing of deceased bodies; assistance with autopsies; and body preparation for City burial.
City Clerk
The City Clerk issues marriage licenses, performs civil marriage ceremonies, qualifies commissioners of deeds, registers marriage officiants and domestic partnerships, files oaths of office, issues certificates of non-impediment, and registers lobbyists.
City Employees' Retirement System
Founded in 1920, NYCERS has grown into the largest public retirement system within New York City serving over 330,000 active members and retirees. Membership in NYCERS is available to all New York City employees who are not eligible to participate in the New York City Teachers' Retirement System, the New York City Police Pension Fund, the New York City Fire Department Pension Fund or the New York City Board of Education Retirement System.
NYC Employee Retirement System Forms
City Marshals, Mayor's Committee on
The Mayor's Committee on City Marshals establishes and publishes qualifying criteria for appointment to the office of City Marshal, recruits and receives names of candidates for that office, determines which candidates are best qualified to serve as City Marshals, and recommends qualified persons to the Mayor when there is a vacancy.
City Planning, Department of
The Department of City Planning (DCP) conducts planning and zoning studies to promote strategic development in communities throughout the City. It also supports the City Planning Commission’s review each year of approximately 500 land use applications for actions such as zoning changes and disposition of City property. The Department assists both government agencies and the public by providing policy analysis and technical assistance relating to housing, transportation, community facilities, demography, and public space.
City University of New York (CUNY)
The City University of New York (CUNY) is the largest urban university in the US, serving more than 400,000 students.
Citywide Accountability Program
This program is designed to evaluate performance by collecting statistical information on a number of City Agencies. Performance indicators vary by department.
Citywide Administrative Services, Department of
The Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) works to ensure that City agencies have the critical resources and support needed to provide the best possible services to the public. DCAS supports City agencies’ workforce needs in recruiting, hiring, and training City employees; provides overall facilities management, including security, maintenance, and construction services for 54 public buildings; purchases, sells, and leases non-residential real property; and purchases, inspects, and distributes supplies and equipment.
Citywide Event Coordination and Management, Office of
The Office of Citywide Event Coordination and Management (CECM) oversees all event permitting activity in New York City. CECM advises and assists the Mayor in the coordination of policies, plans, procedures, and operations common to the permitting, review, and coordination of street events and other permitted activities.
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Mayoral and City Agencies