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Mayoral and City Agencies
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Water Finance Authority, NYC Municipal
The New York City Municipal Water Finance Authority provides funding through the issuance of bonds, bond anticipation notes, and other obligations to finance capital projects related to supplying and purifying the City's high-quality drinking water and maintain safe wastewater collection and treatment.
Women's Issues, Commission on
The Commission on Women's Issues seeks changes in public policy to improve the personal and professional lives of women and girls of New York City.
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Workforce Investment Board
The Workforce Investment Board is responsible for developing the City's strategy to improve the employment skills of New Yorkers, as well as conducting oversight of the City's WIA-funded employment and training system.
Youth and Community Development, Department of
The Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD) supports youth and adults through 2,841 contracts with community-based organizations throughout New York City. These include 558 contracts that comprise the Citywide Out-of-School Time (OST) initiative. OST offers a balanced mix of academic support, sports/recreational activities, the arts and cultural experiences, which take place after school, on weekends, and during school vacations; 464 programs to help low-income individuals and families become more economically self-sufficient; and 36 adult literacy programs that teach English skills to assist participants to further their education or to advance their careers. The Department also administers a network of 80 Beacon community centers in public schools that serve youth, adults and families during out-of-school hours. Through a range of programs, DYCD contractors assist immigrants to become naturalized citizens. In addition, DYCD implements and oversees the City's youth workforce development program, providing summer employment and year round services to introduce youth and young adults to the job market and help them develop the skills to succeed. DYCD is also responsible for the City’s runaway and homeless youth programs.
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Mayoral and City Agencies