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Transportation, Department of (Message to the Commissioner)
Contact the Department of Transportation for questions about transportation services, programs, and updates; traffic rules, signs, and road-related problems; and parking permits and safety programs.
United Nations, Consular Corps & Protocol, Commission for the (Message to the Commissioner)
Contact the Commission for the United Nations, Consular Corps, and Protocol for questions about diplomatic and consular matters, and related topics.
Veterans' Affairs, Mayor's Office of (Message to the Director)
Contact the Mayor's Office Veterans' Affairs for questions about health care programs, trauma counseling, burial in a national cemetery, and related issues.
Volunteer Center, Mayor's (Message to the Executive Director)
Contact the Mayor's Volunteer Center for questions about participation in community volunteering activities, programs, and services.
Voter Assistance Commission (Message to the Chair)
Contact the Voter Assistance Commission for questions about issues related to voter registration and voter participation.
Water Finance Authority (Message to the Executive Director)
Contact the Water Finance Authority for questions about the issuance of bonds and related obligations to finance the continued supply and maintenance of the City's drinking water.
Women's Issues, Commission on (Message to the Executive Director)
Contact the Commission on Women's Issues for questions about programs, legislation, public policy regarding women, and related issues.
Workforce Investment Board (Message to the Chair)
Contact the Workforce Investment Board for questions about employment, training, and education services, whether you're looking for work or a business looking for employees.
Youth and Community Development, Department of (Message to the Commissioner)
Contact the Department of Youth and Community Development for questions about youth activities, tutoring education, counseling, and youth-related social programs.
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