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Real Estate Tax Exemption Forms
Download real estate tax exemption forms from the Department of Finance.
Commercial Real Estate Tax Exemptions and Abatements Inquiry Form
Use this form for questions related to commercial real estate tax exemptions and abatements; a representative from the Department of Finance will respond within 10 business days.
Personal Exemptions and Abatements Inquiry Form
Residents with personal exemptions and abatements questions should contact the Department of Finance using this online form; a representative will respond to your inquiry within 10 business days.
Real Property Income and Expense (RPIE) Returns Inquiry Form
Ask questions about the RPIE Returns.
Real Property Tax Histories
Ask a question about your real property tax history.
Real Property Tax Account Inquiry Form
Use this form for real estate billing and account inquiries only.
REF400 Refund Claims
Individuals or entities can apply for a refund or transfer of a real property tax credit related to a reduction in assessed value or if they can show proof that any other party that paid those taxes or charges.
Replacement Real Estate Tax Bills
Use this form to request a replacement copy of your annual real estate tax bill.
Tax Application for Third Party Notification for Real Property Taxes (PDF)
If you are a senior citizen, aged 65 years or older, or if you suffer from a physical or developmental disability, you may designate an adult third party to receive copies of your real estate tax bills and notices of unpaid taxes.
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