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Have a fee, charge, or City tax you owe? Find it here on the Citywide Payments page to pay quickly and easily.

Unless otherwise noted, all payments can be made using a credit card, a debit card with credit card functionality (displays a VISA or MasterCard logo), or electronic check (E-check). Additionally, some payments can be made using an electronic funds transfer (EFT).

Parking and Camera Violations

Blue Arrow Parking Tickets (debit or credit card only)
Blue Arrow Red Light Camera Tickets (debit or credit card only)
Blue Arrow Bus Lane Camera Tickets (debit or credit card only)

Water/Sewer Charges

Blue Arrow Water/Sewer Bills

ECB Violations

Blue Arrow ECB Violations

Health Violations

Blue Arrow Health Violations

Consumer Affairs Charges

Blue Arrow Consumer Affairs Violations
Blue Arrow Dept. of Consumer Affairs (DCA) License Renewals

Business Taxes

Blue Arrow Business Taxes - (EFT)
Blue Arrow Business Collection Notices - (E-check/debit or credit card)

Property Taxes
Please note, property owners with an annual tax liability of $300,000 or more are required to pay property taxes by electronic funds transfer (EFT).

Blue Arrow Property Taxes - (EFT)
Blue Arrow Property Taxes - (E-check/debit or credit card)

Real Property Transfer Tax Penalty and Interest

Blue Arrow Real Property Transfer Tax Penalty and Interest

Property-Related Charges Included on Your Property Tax Statement
The following charges are included on the property tax statement, but may not apply to everyone. If you owe any of the following property-related charges, they will be listed individually on your property tax statement.

To view these charges and pay by debit or credit card, or by E-check, click the links below and make a selection from the "Property Taxes by BBL" drop-down menu. You can search by BBL or by address. You can also view your property tax payment history and your last payment.

Housing- and Building-Related Charges
Blue Arrow DOB - Boiler Re-inspection
Blue Arrow DOB - Elevator Re-inspection
Blue Arrow DOB - Plumbing Re-inspection
Blue Arrow DOB - Construction Re-inspection
Blue Arrow Elevator Charge
Blue Arrow Boiler Charge
Blue Arrow Illuminated Sign
Blue Arrow PA Permit
Blue Arrow Sewer Connection
Blue Arrow Vacant Lot Fence
Blue Arrow Sidewalk Charge
Blue Arrow Sidewalk Inspection
Blue Arrow Sidewalk Repair
Blue Arrow HPD Repair (old)
Blue Arrow HPD Lien
Blue Arrow HPD Management Fee
Blue Arrow HPD Emergency Repair
Blue Arrow HPD Commercial Property Non-Lien
Blue Arrow Fire Prevention
Blue Arrow Rent Stablization Apartment Fee
Blue Arrow Meter Charge
Blue Arrow Meter Misc
Blue Arrow Frontage Water/Sewer
Blue Arrow Frontage Additional Charge
Blue Arrow Water Lien
Blue Arrow Hazardous Substance

Finance-Related Charges
Blue Arrow Real Property Income and Expense
Blue Arrow Exemption Revoked
Blue Arrow Real Estate Utility Corp.
Blue Arrow Special Franchise
Blue Arrow Property Additional Tax
Blue Arrow Shelter Rent
Blue Arrow In Rem Penalty
Blue Arrow In Rem Search Fee
Blue Arrow NG (Not Good) Check Fee

Health-Related Charges
Blue Arrow DOHMH - Cleanup
Blue Arrow DOHMH - Extermination
Blue Arrow DOHMH - Inspection
Blue Arrow DOHMH - Sanitation
Blue Arrow DOHMH - Stoppage

Miscellaneous Charges
Blue Arrow Business Improvement District Assessment
Blue Arrow Tax Commission Fee