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Children's Services in Your Neighborhood
Find a local child protective field office, find neighborhood-based services, and get a list of child welfare agencies that work with the Administration for Children's Services.
Adoptive and Foster Parent Information
Sign up to learn more about local children who need secure and loving permanent homes.
Go to the online forms related to adoption and foster care
Foster Care Program
Find out how children end up in foster care and what types of care are available through the Administration for Children's Services.
Legal Services for Children
The legal staff at the Administration for Children's Services (ACS) represent ACS in court cases involving children, enforce child support decisions, work on adoptions, and more.
New Yorkers for Children
This nonprofit organization works in conjunction with the Administration for Children's Services to provide foster children with comfort, support, and guidance.
Online Application for School Meals
ACCESS NYC has expanded to include an online application for School Meals. Families can submit a single School Meals application, online, for all their children at public, private, and charter Department of Education (DOE) schools in one simple step.
Teenage Services Act (TASA)
Parents under the age of 20 receiving Medicaid and Public Assistance can get help managing new responsibilities and can attain health care, education, and further City services for the family.
Support for Youth
Learn about the range of resources and programs available to support youth through the Administration for Children’s Services website.
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