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Office of the Mayor

John Feinblatt
Chief Advisor to the Mayor for Policy and Strategic Planning and Criminal Justice Coordinator

John Feinblatt John Feinblatt was appointed Chief Advisor to Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg for Policy and Strategic Planning in February 2010. He works in close consultation with the Mayor, Deputy Mayors, and Commissioners in the development and implementation of policies that cut across city agencies. In addition, he leads the Mayor's national coalitions on guns, immigration reform and infrastructure investment. Mr. Feinblatt has held the position of Criminal Justice Coordinator for the City of New York since January 2002. He serves as the Mayor's chief advisor on criminal justice policy and liaison to the state court system, the city's five elected District Attorneys and the state criminal justice system.

Prior to joining the Bloomberg administration, Mr. Feinblatt was the founding director of the Center for Court Innovation. The recipient of the 1998 Innovations in American Government award from the Ford Foundation and Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government, the Center is the country's leading think tank devoted to problem solving justice and has created national models for drug courts, community courts, mental health courts, prisoner re-entry courts and domestic violence courts.

Before the Center, Mr. Feinblatt was the founding director of the Midtown Community Court, which was created as part of the economic revitalization effort in Times Square. The Midtown Court is now the model for over 60 community courts in this country and abroad.

Mr. Feinblatt has been appointed by the Chief Judge of New York State to serve on the Commission on the Future of Probation, the Commission on the Future of New York State Courts and the Commission on Alternatives to Incarceration. He has also served as the board chair of Bowery Residents Committee, one of New York City's largest independent agencies serving the homeless.

Mr. Feinblatt is the co-author of "Good Courts: The Case for Problem-Solving Justice" published in 2005 by The New Press. In addition, he has contributed articles and opinion pieces to Law and Policy, Court Manager, Judicature, Fordham Urban Law Review, The New York Times, New York Newsday, New York Post, Daily News and other publications. He is a graduate of Wesleyan University and the Columbus School of Law at Catholic University.