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Residential Streetscape Preservation Text Amendment
The text amendment will strengthen front yard planting regulations, create stricter rules for front yard parking in one and two family residence districts, introduce new curb cut regulations in residential districts where they are currently lacking, and clarify the intent of many other regulations relating to parking and curb cuts in residential districts – Adopted April 14, 2010
Special Natural Area District
The City Council has adopted the Dept. of City Planning's proposal to amend the Special Natural Area District text of the Zoning Resolution to improve preservation of significant natural features in parts of Staten Island, the Bronx, and Queens. These natural features include rock outcroppings, trees and forests, wetlands and water features, and steep slopes.
Vision 2020: New York City Comprehensive Waterfront Plan
Released on March 14, 2011, Vision 2020 is the culmination of a year-long, participatory planning process involving multiple agencies and organizations and input from New Yorkers in every borough. Building on the City's success in opening up to the public miles of shoreline that had been inaccessible for decades, and supporting expansion of the maritime industry, Vision 2020 sets the stage for expanded use of our waterfront for parks, housing, and economic development, and our waterways for transportation, recreation, and natural habitats. The 10-year plan lays out a vision for the future with new citywide policies and site-specific recommendations.
View Bronx waterfront map
Waterfront Revitalization Program
The Department of City Planning is proposing a series of revisions to the Waterfront Revitalization Program (WRP) in order to proactively advance the long-term goals laid out in Vision 2020: The New York City Comprehensive Waterfront Plan, released in 2011. The WRP is the City’s primary coastal zone management tool, and the proposed revisions, currently undergoing public review, emphasize sustainability and climate resilience planning, promote a range of ecological objectives and strategies, facilitate interagency review of permitting to preserve and enhance maritime infrastructure, and support a thriving, sustainable working waterfront.
Waterfront Design Guidelines Text Amendment
The City Council adopted the text amendment, proposed by the Department of City Planning, to Waterfront Public Access Area design regulations – Adopted April 22, 2009.
Wave Hill
The public garden and cultural center in the Bronx overlooks the Hudson River and Palisades, and includes a variety of event rooms, a café, and horticultural collections that contain numerous genera and species of plants.
White Plains Road BID
Get a complete listing and contact information for the businesses on White Plains Road.
Zone Green Text Amendment
The City Council has approved a text amendment proposed by the Department of City Planning, to remove zoning impediments to the construction and retrofitting of greener buildings. This amendment would give owners more choices for the investments they can make to save energy, save money, and improve environmental performance. It will help bring our buildings into the 21st century while protecting the character and quality of life of our neighborhoods. (Adopted April 30, 2012)
ZoLa - Zoning and Land Use Application
With the Department of City Planning’s Zoning and Land Use (ZoLa) application you can find the zoning for a property, discover new proposals for your neighborhood, and learn where City Planning initiatives apply across NYC.
Zoning For Bicycle Parking
The City Council adopted the text amendment, proposed by the Department of City Planning, to provide indoor, secure, long-term bicycle parking in new multi-family residential, community facility, and commercial buildings – Adopted April 22, 2009.
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