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Do You Know Your Zone?
We're now in the middle of Atlantic hurricane season; do you know whether you live in one of New York City's six hurricane evacuation zones? Take the time today to find out and get prepared by visiting the Know Your Zone website — a one-stop shop for everything you need to know about hurricanes.

Save Your Water, Save Our Community
Water is an essential resource, and in the summer months, it can easily run low. Conserve water and help avoid drought by taking shorter showers and only running dishwashers and washing machines when full. Small changes like these can help conserve the water supply our community depends on.
Learn more tips and tricks for saving water from the NYC Department of Environmental Protection
Read OEM's Tip of the Week online


Urban Post-Disaster Housing Prototype
Following its installation, the nation's first Urban Post-Disaster Housing Prototype made its debut in June.
Learn more from What If NYC...

Partner of the Month: ARF-ARF
This month's featured Partner in Preparedness is Allied Rockaway Foundation for Animal Recreation and Fitness (ARF-ARF) .
Learn more
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