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Industry Star of the Month

Brooke Smy, Tishman Speyer

Brooke Smy February 1, 2008 - Filming in the middle of Rockefeller Center during peak pedestrian traffic is a situation unique to New York City, but with the help of Brooke Smy, productions can be sure they���re in safe hands.

As the Marketing and Communications Manager for Tishman Speyer, Smy oversees the filming and photo requests to shoot at the Tishman Speyer owned-properties in the city, properties that include Rockefeller Center and the Chrysler Building. ���We���re super film friendly,��� explained Smy. ���We always try to make it work.���

Since starting in the position three years ago, Smy has watched the number of film and photo shoots at Rockefeller Center and the other properties grow. She enjoys working with productions and has come to know the local location managers from working with them on a regular basis. ���The goal is to be constantly increasing the number of filmand photo shoots and to continue to work with crews to make this experience beneficial and fun for all parties involved,��� said Smy.

Smy can receive ten to twenty requests each week, ranging from a small film with a five person crew to a Vanity Fair cover shoot at the Top of the Rock. Other recent productions to take advantage of Tishman Speyer locations include the upcoming Sex and the City: The Movie, the Oscar-nominated Michael Clayton, and, not surprisingly, ���30 Rock.���

According to Smy, it takes a variety of people to effectively facilitate a location shoot. ���It truly is a team effort from the production crew to our own crew on staff here including our operations team, property management, retail operations, and security. We are a well-oiled machine at this point!���
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