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New Yorkers Know it All���Except the Speed Limit

DOT has created a series of television and outdoor ads to call attention to the fact the speed limit in New York City is 30 mph and that it is no arbitrary number. It is set at that level largely because a pedestrian struck at 40 mph is 3.5 times more likely to be killed than one struck at 30 mph. The ads are below, and more background follows.
Read the press release on DOT safety iniatives

anti-speeding billboard

Campaign Background

In August 2010, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn and City Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan released the nation���s most comprehensive report on the causes of pedestrian fatalities and injuries. It found that pedestrian fatalities occur disproportionately along multi-lane streets and avenues, and that speeding, driver inattention and failure to yield are the underlying factors behind the vast majority of pedestrian fatalities or serious injury accidents. The report ��� the Pedestrian Safety Study and Action Plan ��� recommends a series of actions to reduce crashes involving pedestrians, including legislation to authorize the use of speed cameras, pilot programs to reduce speed limits in residential neighborhoods to 20 mph and street designs to increase pedestrian safety.

As part of its research, DOT convened six focus groups during 2010: four with drivers, two with non-drivers. The research found that the vast majority were unaware of New York City���s speed limit, and that nearly all of the drivers sped. Some young men admitted to achieving speeds of up to 100 mph. on arterial streets. Nearly all non-drivers perceived speeding and dangerous driving as serious safety concerns. Based on this research and the findings from the analysis of fatal crash factors, DOT has developed this marketing campaign to raise awareness of the speed limit and the dangers of excessive speed.