Select Bus Service on Fordham Road and Pelham Parkway

The Fordham Road-Pelham Parkway Bx12 Select Bus Service (SBS) replaced Bx12 Limited service from the Inwood neighborhood in Manhattan to Co-Op City in the Bronx in June 2008. New York City’s first SBS route, the Bx12 SBS offers transfer opportunities to all of the subway lines and Metro-North lines in the Bronx as it travels east-west through the borough.

Select Bus Service - Implemented June 2008

Since SBS was implemented on Fordham Road, travel time has decreased 20%, from 58 minutes on the Bx12 Limited to 47 minutes one way on Bx12 SBS. The faster service has spurred a 7% ridership increase on the Bx12 (including the SBS and local service) from October 2007 to October 2008, rising to an average daily ridership of just over 46,000. This ridership increase occurred while average weekday bus ridership for all other routes in the Bronx remained essentially unchanged (540,000 daily riders in October 2007 versus 539,000 in October 2008).  In a survey conducted in August 2008, 98% of Bx12 SBS riders were satisfied or very satisfied with the new service.

fordham road map

Elements of SBS on Forham Road enhance:

Speed and Reliability

  • Signal optimization to improve traffic operations for all street users
  • Transit Signal Priority to move buses more quickly through critical locations
  • Proof of Payment fare collection system: pay before boarding to move buses more quickly
  • Red curb bus lanes and improved signs
  • Enhanced NYPD enforcement

Comfort and Convenience

  • Branded SBS Buses
  • Branded SBS Stations with new Cemusa Shelters
  • Extended service hours
  • Seven day a week service