Nostrand-Rogers Avenues Select Bus Service

B44 Nostrand/Rogers Avenues Select Bus Service Has Begun

nostrang route map
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The Nostrand Avenue Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Corridor extends 9.3 miles between Sheepshead Bay and Williamsburg in Brooklyn, predominantly on Nostrand, Rogers, and Bedford Avenues. This corridor connects to the A/C, G, J/M/Z, 2/5 and 3 subway lines, and serves both Brooklyn College and Medgar Evers College. The corridor generally follows the route of the B44 bus, which has both local and Limited-Stop service. On an average weekday, 44,300 passengers ride the B44, making it the fourth busiest bus route in the city.

BRT on Nostrand Avenue is a cost-effective project that improves bus service for the 44,000 daily riders on the B44 route by offering dedicated bus lanes, transit signal priority and off-board fare collection. These improvements will reduce travel time and attract additional riders who currently avoid bus service due to slow speeds and a lack of reliability.

Project Update

In preparation for Brooklyn���s first Select Bus Service line, DOT, NYC Transit and the Department of Design and Construction have completed construction on the route, including work on concrete bus pads in the roadway and station platforms on the sidewalk, roadway resurfacing and bus lane painting, new bus shelters and landscaping, new signage for rush hour lanes and truck loading, new metered parking, and the installation of fare machines. Meanwhile, the ongoing reconstruction of Nostrand Avenue between Flushing and Atlantic Avenues will include new stations and bus lanes, and will be complete by late 2014. Download a summary of Select Bus Service improvements, including a map of the route and stations (pdf)

For questions about the construction process, please email Emily Campbell, Community Construction Liaison, or call 718-942-5017.

Changes to Rush Hour No Standing Regulations

New, clearer signs

Parking regulations changed on Nostrand and Rogers Avenues in early 2013. No Standing regulations have moved to the left side of Nostrand and Rogers Avenues. Download information on the changes in Haitian Creole (pdf)


The Nostrand/Rogers Select Bus Service incorporates many BRT features including:

  • Offset bus lanes, which have been installed
    • between Flushing Avenue and Farragut Road. The lanes run southbound on Nostrand Avenue and northbound on Rogers and Bedford Avenues. These bus lanes are be in effect from 7 am to 7 pm on weekdays, and open to general traffic overnight and all weekend.
    • in both directions on Nostrand Avenue between Avenue X and Emmons Avenue. The northbound lanes are be in effect during morning rush hours and southbound lanes during evening rush hours. The lanes are open to general traffic at all other times.
  • Bus bulbs, which are installed on Nostrand Avenue between DeKalb and Church Avenues, and on Rogers and Bedford Avenues between Church Avenue and Lafayette Avenue.
  • Transit signal priority for buses, which are in effect between Flatbush and Emmons Avenues.
Existing Conditions – Rogers Ave at Empire Boulevard
Proposed Design with SBS Station, with Peak Travel Lane on Left Curb.
Existing Conditions – Nostrand Ave at Empire Boulevard
Proposed Design with SBS Station.
Nostrand Avenue, looking north towards Church Avenue, with bus lane and bus bulb BRT station.
Rogers Avenue, in between BRT stations. Note that parking is available on both sides of the street.

Community Outreach

Community Advisory Committee

MTA New York City Transit and the New York City Department of Transportation have convened a Community Advisory Committee (CAC) for this project. The CAC is composed of a broad range of stakeholders, including elected officials, Community Board members, civic/neighborhood groups, business organizations, and major area institutions. The CAC meets every few months over the course of the project. The role of the CAC is to

  • provide opportunities for input as project design and implementation progress
  • provide stakeholders with information to share with their constituencies about project details and outreach efforts
  • ensure that key issues are identified and addressed

Project Open Houses

Public open houses take place at key points to involve the larger public. Open houses on the project took place on November 15, 2010 and October 4, 2011 at the Brooklyn College Student Center. These events allow the public to speak one-on-one with project staff and provide input about the project. Please check the DOT events calendar for upcoming open houses. Read the handout distributed at the November 15 meeting Read the handout distributed at the October 4 meeting

Community Board Presentations

Throughout the process, DOT and MTA NYC Transit have presented the project to Community Boards. Please check the DOT events calendar for upcoming Community Board presentations.

Past Community Board Presentations

  • Community Board 1: November 9, 2011 meeting with the full board; June 8, 2010 meeting with the full Board
  • Community Board 3: December 5, 2011 meeting with the full board, May 11, 2010 meeting with the Transportation Committee; March 7, 2011 meeting with the full Board
  • Community Board 8: October 13, 2011 meeting with the full Board
  • Community Board 9: September 27, 2011 meeting with the full Board, June 22, 2010 meeting with the full Board
  • Community Board 14: April 20, 2010 meeting with the Transportation Committee
  • Community Board 15: November 30, 2011 meeting with the Transportation Committee, May 17, 2010 meeting with the Transportation Committee, October 25, 2011 meeting with the full Board
  • Community Board 17: October 19, 2011 meeting with the full Board

Upcoming Meetings

Please check the DOT events calendar for upcoming Community Board meetings.

Project Timeline

  • 2004 - NYCT & DOT initiate New York City Bus Rapid Transit study
  • 2006 - BRT Study and Public Input selects Nostrand & Rogers Ave as one of five BRT corridors for further development
  • 2008 - Nostrand & Rogers Select Bus Service identified for implementation
  • 2009 - First CAC Meeting
  • Winter 2010 - CAC Tour of Fordham Road Select Bus Service
  • Spring 2010 - Public Open House
  • Throughout 2010 - CAC Meetings
  • 2011-2012 - CAC Meetings continue
  • 2012 - Complete Final Design
  • 2013-2014 ��� Construction of Select Bus Service improvements
  • November 17, 2013 ��� B44 Select Bus Service service began