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Business Owner's Bill of Rights


  1. Courteous and professional treatment by our employees
  2. Inspectors who are polite, professionally dressed, and properly identified
  3. Information about how long inspections will take and the cost of all related fees
  4. Knowledgeable inspectors who enforce agency rules uniformly
  5. Receive information about agency rules from inspectors or other employees
  6. Contest a violation through a hearing, trial or other relevant process
  7. Request a review of inspection results or re-inspection as soon as possible
  8. Receive explanation from inspectors (if requested) on violation details and instructions for viewing inspection results
  9. Access information in languages other than English and request language interpretation services for inspections
  10. Comment, anonymously and without fear of retribution, on the performance or
    conduct of our employees

New York City is committed to providing New Yorkers with excellent customer service. We want to hear from you.
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