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Mayoral and City Agencies
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Administrative Trials and Hearings, Office of (OATH)
The Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings (OATH) is an independent,central tribunal which settles or adjudicates a wide range of issues referred by City agencies. Its caseload includes hearings on employee discipline, retention of seized vehicles, license and regulatory enforcement, real estate and loft law violations, contract disputes, and human rights violations. OATH completes between 2,000 and 2,500 cases annually.
Mayor's Office of Adult Education
The Mayor’s Office of Adult Education was established to create better outcomes for the City’s adult education system. The Office coordinates strategy, promotes best practices, and connects participating agencies to the Administration’s education, community development, and social policy priorities. The Office works with a range of City, State, and Federal agencies to advance adult education in New York City.
Aging, Department for the (DFTA)
The Department for the Aging (DFTA) promotes, administers, and coordinates the development and provision of services for older New Yorkers to help them maintain their independence and participation in their communities. The Department supports a broad range of services, both directly and through over 600 contracts with community-based organizations, including the administration of 329 contracted senior centers, and also provides over 12.4 million meals annually, both home delivered and at senior centers.
Anti-Graffiti Task Force, Mayor's
The Anti-Graffiti Task Force is a coordinated effort to enforce existing local laws, develop new legislative initiatives, and encourage and aid in the cleanup of graffiti.
Board of Elections
The Board of Elections is an administrative body of 10 bipartisan Commissioners, two from each borough, appointed by the City Council for a term of four years. The Board oversees voter, poll site, and campaign-related issues.
Brooklyn Bridge Park
Brooklyn Bridge Park is the not-for-profit corporation responsible for the planning, construction, maintenance and operation of Brooklyn Bridge Park, an 85-acre sustainable waterfront park stretching 1.3 miles along the East River shoreline. Brooklyn Bridge Park is the largest park construction project in Brooklyn in over 150 years and is the result of over twenty years of extensive planning and community advocacy. The first sections of the park on Pier 1 and Pier 6, and a greenway connecting these two piers, were opened to the public in 2010. Additional sections of the park, including Empire Fulton Ferry and Pier 5, are now under construction.
Brooklyn Public Library
Exhibition information, events schedules, hours of operation, and an online catalog from the Brooklyn Public Library.
Buildings, Department of
The Department of Buildings (DOB) ensures the safe and lawful use of over 900,000 buildings and properties by enforcing the Building Code, Zoning Resolution, and other applicable laws. Each year it reviews over 60,000 construction plans, issues over 110,000 new and renewed permits, performs over 300,000 inspections, and issues 12 types of licenses, registrations, and certificates. It facilitates construction by continually streamlining the permit application process, and delivers services with integrity and professionalism.
Business Integrity Commission
The New York City Business Integrity Commission (BIC) is both a law enforcement and regulatory agency and has oversight of the private carting industry, the public wholesale markets, and shipboard gambling. In November 2001, a charter revision measure created the Organized Crime Control Commission, which was later renamed the Business Integrity Commission, to consolidate under one agency the regulatory jurisdiction over these businesses and industries.
Center for Economic Opportunity
The Center for Economic Opportunity (CEO) was established by Mayor Bloomberg on December 18, 2006 to implement innovative ways to reduce poverty in New York City. The CEO works with City agencies to design and implement evidence-based initiatives aimed at poverty reduction, and manages an Innovation Fund through which it provides City agencies annual funding to implement such initiatives. CEO oversees a rigorous evaluation of each program to determine which are successful in demonstrating results towards reducing poverty and increasing self-sufficiency among New Yorkers.
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Mayoral and City Agencies