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Doing Business Search

The Doing Business with NYC Search provides access to information on entities and individuals considered to be doing business with the City of New York in accordance with Local Law 34 of 2007, which was signed by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg in July 2007. Organizations and individuals are considered to be doing business with the City based on the types of financial transactions they have with the City.

Local Law 34 expands and strengthens NYC’s landmark Campaign Finance Act by disclosing and limiting contributions from individuals that have business dealings with the City. LL 34 limits contributions to candidates for municipal office from individuals listed in the Doing Business Database. The NYC Campaign Finance Board administers the Law and provides assistance to campaigns.

The Doing Business Accountability Project (DBAP) of the Mayor’s Office of Contract Services collects all non-Lobbyist data about entities and individuals that engage in transactions covered by LL 34. The Doing Business Database is being released in phases. The transactions currently covered by LL 34 are contracts, franchises, concessions, grants, and economic development agreements; contract, franchise and concession proposals; and lobbying. Later in 2008, the database will be expanded to include additional types of transactions. DBAP also provides forms for entities and individuals to apply to be removed from the database.

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