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Learn how to get your GED in NYC by watching these videos and clicking on the helpful links.

YouCanToo! Get Your GED... Here's How!

What is the GED?

‘GED’ stands for the Tests of General Education Development. It is a national test for people who did not graduate from high school or have diplomas that New York State does not recognize.

Here’s some really important information you need to know before taking the test:

  • In New York State there is NO charge to take the GED test. Do not be fooled by misleading ads on other websites. Call 311 for more information.
  • Going to a prep class before taking the test helps make sure that you are ready to pass!
  • GED tests cannot be taken online; the GED tests are only given at official GED Testing Centers approved by the New York State Education Department.
  • In New York State, the GED Tests are given in English, French, and Spanish.
Helpful Links:

Find a GED Program

Mayor’s Office of Adult Education 
The Mayor’s Office of Adult Education site has a Find a Program search tool to locate programs in your neighborhood in New York City. You can define your search by type of service offered (ESOL, adult literacy, GED, or job training), borough, or ZIP code.
Visit the site 
Find a program 

Reserve a Seat for the GED Test

GED Compass 
GED Compass gives clear and accurate information about the steps you need to take to pass the GED test. You can also reserve a seat for the GED test.
Visit the site

Learn about the Steps to Getting Your GED         

New York State Education Department
Want to get your test record?
Visit the site  

Get Your GED
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NYC Mayor's Office of Adult Education
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