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By coming to this website, you’ve taken the first step towards your educational and career goals! For many adults, going back to school isn’t easy. Balancing work, family, and school is tough, and sometimes returning to a classroom can seem like one more obstacle in the way. But it’s not. Although the journey can be hard, your fellow New Yorkers are going to be there, right by your side. Remember, if they did it, YouCanToo! go back to school and achieve your goals.

YouCanToo! was launched in fall 2011 through a partnership of the New York City Council and former Mayor's Office of Adult Education (MOAE).  MOAE has since been folded to become part of a new entity, the NYC Office of Human Capital Development.

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  • Amy
    "My name is Amy. I come from Taiwan 20 years ago. After three years, a coworker mocked me because I could not speak English to a customer. But I used my courage to pick up the phone. I learned my English this way, through working..."

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    "My name is AnnMarie. I was told that my high school diploma is not recognized in America. It's not acknowledged here, so I decided to do the GED because I wanted to further my education. What's been challenging is being a single mom. After school, I have to care for her and pay attention to her needs..."

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    "My name is Shirley and I'm from the Bronx. I've been coming to this school for two years. It's like a second home for me. Growing up I had a lot of obstacles in my way that kept me from going to school. What motivated me to go back to school is wanting to learn and grow, and you need your diploma to get anywhere in the workforce..."

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  • Violeta
    "Hi my name is Violeta and I'm 40 years old. I'm a single mother. I'm born in United States but I grew up in Serbia due to financial difficulties, so my parents couldn't raise me here. I came back at 14 but could not finish high school because I worked full time. After 16 years of marriage, I end up to be divorced, with no money and no education..."

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    "Hi my name is Jose. I was incarcerated in 2005. I got sent away for five years. I heard about a couple different programs while I was incarcerated that motivated me to keep moving forward. I was around a lot of old timers who told me education is power, without education you won't be respected in the United States..."

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    "My name is Adame and I am from Guinea, West Africa. I learned about this program from the library. I want to continue my college process. I didn't complete my high school because at that time we didn't have high school in my village..."

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