A Message from the Director of NYC YMI

In his State of thW. Cyrus Garrette Union address, President Obama boldly stated that the role of government is to make sure "our actions..tell every child in every neighborhood, your life matters, and we are committed to improving your life chances." Mayor Bill de Blasio has made good on his progressive change platform and is "more committed than ever before to build a New York City where we all rise together." As the newly appointed Director for New York City's Young Men's Initiative, I ask you to join me in building a movement across the city that truly honors these sentiments and ensures opportunities are accessible in any zip code.

Launched in August 2011, the New York City Young Men's Initiative (YMI) continues to be the nation's most comprehensive municipal strategy tackling the disparities faced by young men of color.  Under the leadership of Mayor de Blasio, the Young Men's Initiative has aligned itself with the White House's "My Brother's Keeper" initiative.  The Mayor has tasked YMI with reimagining the size and scale of the initiatives that we coordinate and fund through the initiative. We stand at the ready to work with our partners in government and philanthropy to expand upon the promising practices and programs that have shown the ability to produce measurable differences in the lives of young men of color. We will embrace transparency and share the lessons we have learned to ensure our young men are supported as they navigate their way to adulthood.

We have a real opportunity to work together to break down silos and advance timely policy reform. But the magic of the Young Men's Initiative is most visible in our ability to engage, support, and encourage New York City's young men. The time is now.

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