Gaining work experience as a teen dramatically impacts future earnings. That is why the Young Men’s Initiative (YMI) is helping young people prepare for and find jobs. Through the YMI, young people can find paid internships, job training, and career counseling.

Leveraging Innovations and Neighborhoods in the Knowledge Economy (LINK) Initiatives
LINK is a set of pilot programs designed to help neighborhoods increase their income by identifying industries that need more talent. The LINK program is comprised of three initiatives: Low Income Fast Track (LIFT) Entrepreneurship program, DigitalWork, and Learning through an Expanded Arts Program (LEAP).

  • The LIFT Entrepreneurship program supports low-income entrepreneurs in the Fordham area of the Bronx as they start and grow businesses by providing space and technical support, access to loans, and partnerships with local anchor institutions. Proposals to operate the entrepreneurship incubator program are currently being reviewed, and selection is expected this summer.
  • DigitalWork provides computer skills training, online work engagement, and assistance with education or work placement. Sites are currently focusing on providing career counseling and support services to recent training graduates with a focus on placement in jobs, internships and/or additional education/training.
  • The LEAP Program provides "Soft Skills" Bootcamp, paid internship placement, and assistance with job placement to Associate's Degree students in high-demand fields, in order to improve their preparation for and placement in jobs in their fields of study. Targeted fields of study are Healthcare IT, General Business and IT, Early Childhood Education, and Web-based Work.

Young Adult Internship Program
The Young Adult Internship Program connects teens and young adults with:

  • Twelve week paid internships
  • Job placement services
  • Education or advanced training

Youth who are not in school and not working can also access additional services.
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Youth IDs
An ID can make a lot of things easier for a young person. With an ID, people can get jobs. They can open bank accounts. They can get library cards and access other public benefits. That is why YMI has launched a campaign to tell young people about the benefits of having an ID card and about how to get one.
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Jobs- Plus is a program based at New York City Housing Authority sites and open to any resident old enough to work. Jobs-Plus offers:

  • Activities in which neighbors support each other in finding work
  • Assistance with keeping more earnings instead of paying higher rent
  • Access to additional jobs-related services

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Expanded Training and Employment Opportunities
Through YMI, the City is providing more funds to programs that help connect young people to employment training, careers, specialized training, and paid internships.

Work Progress Program
Through the Work Progress program, community-based organizations can place young people into jobs and pay them wages with funds provided by YMI.  Participants work between five and nineteen hours every work, for one to five weeks.
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