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What if New York City...
What if New York City...

Judging Criteria

The Jury will favor designs that demonstrate the following qualities:
Density Maximize number of housing units per land area
Rapid Deployment Provide units ready to be occupied as soon as possible
Site Flexibility Maximize the ability to accommodate as many different sites as possible
Unit Flexibility Maximize the ability to accommodate as many variable household types and sizes as possible
Reusability Maximize the potential for reuse of the structures either for future disasters or other purposes
Livability Maximize the strength, utility, convenience, and comfort of the dwellings
Accessibility Allow access for people who have limited mobility
Security Make public space defensible and help people feel safe
Sustainability Reduce energy costs and the carbon footprint of the dwellings
Identity Maximize the ability of New Yorkers to feel a sense of identity and even pride in where they live
Cost Efficiency Maximize the best value for investment

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