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NYC Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs We Are New York - Practice English
Classroom Materials for Teachers

New Classroom Materials for Teachers
Teachers have created lesson plans and other resources to help adults learners improve their English using We Are New York. There are lessons based on the health and education issues covered in the series. There are lessons that use drama and role play to practice language skills and others that will help you develop your students’ leadership skills. There are also lessons for low-level learners, something many teachers have requested. Finally, you can access three pictures (i.e., screen captures) from each episode that are great for pre-viewing and post-viewing exercises.

We Are New York Images
There are three photos from each episode that are good for pre- and post-viewing activity. There are 27 images in total.
We Are New York Images file

Health Topics
Health and well-being play a key role in a number of We Are New York episodes. Featured lesson plans teach skills students need to form questions about health care concerns; to create their own asthma pamphlet and video; to play an original soap opera board game; to read and assess food labels and food advertisements; and more.
Asthma – Lesson Set & Video Project for Low to Intermediate-Level Learners
Asthma – The Soap Opera Board Game
New Life Café – Lesson Set on Food & Nutrition for Intermediate-Level Students
New Life Café - The Healthy Eating Project
New Life Café – Excerpt from a Novella Based on the Episode

Education Topics
Getting involved in a child’s education is the theme of “Welcome Parents” and “Stay in School.” Featured lesson plans include task-based techniques for these episodes, but applicable to all episodes, such as character maps and targeted viewing activities in which students focus on the behavior and speech of particular characters. Lesson plans also will enable your students to create their own handbook to help parents engage in their child’s education.
Stay in School – Lesson Plan for Intermediate-Level Learners
Welcome Parents – Lesson Set for Low to Low-Intermediate-Level Learners
Welcome Parents – Lessons on Video Techniques for Intermediate-Level Learners
Welcome Parents – Handbook for Engagement in a Child's Education

Approaches for Low-Level Students
The approaches and materials covered in these activities help low-level students improve their language skills in all areas: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Materials include original WANY jazz chants; methods for teaching students to form questions; and strategies for teaching reading using a new series of low-level readers based on the episodes.
Asthma – Describing Feelings & Relationships for Low-Level Learners
Love & Money – Question Words and Basic Banking for Low-Level Learners
Low-Level Readers – Guide for Each Episode
Low-Level Readers – My Name is Fatima- adapted from Welcome Parents
Low-Level Readers – Pre-Reading Activities
Wedding, Stay in School & New Life Cafe – Jazz Chants for Low-Level Learners

Drama and Role-Play
We Are New York is a dramatic series and learning language is a dramatic experience. What better way to help your students develop their language skills than having them create their own lines and practice them, like actors on TV! The featured lesson plans present interactive drama-in-education techniques, such as frozen tableaus and methods for getting students to write and role play their own scenes and dramas.
Add-In Dialog Scenarios to Develop New Scenes and Original Dialogs
Frozen Tableaus Activities to Practice Comprehension & Listening Skills
Student Script Writing Project – Original Scripts Written by Students
Student Script Writing Project – Writing Original Episodes Based on Their Own Lives

Student Leadership
The characters in the episodes take action to help themselves, their families, friends and communities. These activities help learners create WANY-based courses on the theme of leadership. Materials include a facilitator’s guide with activities students can use to lead presentations to lower level classes; and reflections from students who have presented WANY at a community center, increasing their own communication skills in the process.
Building Bridges with WANY - Community Service Project & Reflections on Student Leadership
Language of Learning and Leading - Ideas for teaching WANY Through the Prism of Leadership
Student Leadership Course - Teaching Leadership and Activities Students Can Use When Presenting WANY