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Queens Groundwater Rehabilitation

Through the Water for the Future program, DEP will construct a bypass tunnel that will replace a two and a half mile section of the Delaware Aqueduct in the town of Newburgh, in Orange County, where leaks cannot be repaired from within the existing aqueduct. Before the new bypass tunnel can be connected, additional water sources will need to be developed to compensate for the water that will be unavailable during the period when the Delaware Aqueduct is shut down, sometime around 2022. One of the options being investigated is the rehabilitation of the Queens Groundwater System, formerly the Jamaica Water Supply, which could supply between 30-40 million gallons a day (MGD) of high quality water from groundwater wells in southeast Queens to supplement the water supply. DEP is committed to using the best technologies available to ensure that the supplemental water achieves the same level of excellent quality that New Yorkers have grown accustomed to from our pristine reservoirs upstate in the Catskill Mountains.

At a Glance

  • New York City owns The Queens Groundwater System, a network of 68 wells at 43 well stations in southeast Queens.
  • DEP is testing the Queens Groundwater System to measure how much high quality water our groundwater wells can produce
  • The best technologies available will be used to ensure that the water meets and far exceeds water quality standards

What to Expect

Your local well may have more activity in the next few months while we gather groundwater samples and measure the well’s maximum ability to produce water. Not all the wells we test will be needed in the future and, for many locations, upgrades may not be needed or may be deferred. For our top choices, new water treatment systems will be constructed over the course of the next few years leading up to the shutdown of Delaware Aqueduct, sometime around 2022. Our commitment is to ensure you continue to enjoy the best drinking water in the world – before, during and after repair of the Delaware Aqueduct.

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