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Registration - Pilot Program Application

The below form must be completed to register for the urbancanvas Pilot Program. Enter information in all fields. Fields that are marked as * are Required. Any forms submitted without these required fields will be disapproved. For more information on the urbancanvas process, view the Step-By-Step guide (PDF).

Applicants should obtain approval from all scaffold and shed owners/contractors prior to submitting this form.

     Date:                       * = Required Field

1. Location Information

Borough * :  
House No. * :     Street Name *:  
Block * :     Lot * :     BIN * :  
Permit No. * :  

2. Type of Construction Equipment (check all boxes that apply)*

 Construction Fence
 Sidewalk Shed
 Supported Scaffold Netting
 Cocoon Structure (must select one below):
        Mesh Cocoon  Solid Material Cocoon

3. Applicant / Contractor

Last Name * :     First Name * : 
Business Name * : 
Business Address * :  
City * :   State * :   Zip * : 
Business No. * :     E-Mail * :  
Contractor Number  * : 
Sign Hanger License Number (if applicable): 

4. Filing Representative Information (if applicable)

Last Name:     First Name: 
Business Name: 
Business Address:  
City:    State:    Zip: 
Business No.:     E-Mail: 

5. Type of urbancanvas Artwork Selected for Use (check only ONE artwork package) *

 Color Mesh
 My Urban Sky
 Green Screen
If you are installing an image of the building on the scrim, check below:
Building Facade Rendering (scrim only)

6. Sponsorship (check boxes allowing only one check) *

 I will be displaying a sponsorship
        Name sponsoring organization:

I will not be displaying a sponsorship

View sponsorship specifications.

7. Acknowledgements *


 Submission of this application is recognized as an addition to the Statements and Signatures filed with the Department of Buildings on the Plan/Work Application (PW1) and Work Permit Application (PW2) for this job site. The owner and/or applicant acknowledge that they have read and complied with the urbancanvas Building Owner Guide and all instructions pertaining to participation in the Pilot Program.

 In the event that once this application is approved and I choose not to install urbancanvas artwork on the site, I will contact the Community Partnerships unit at to inform them of our application withdrawal.

Falsification of any statement is a misdemeanor and is punishable by a fine or imprisonment, or both. It is unlawful to give to a city employee, or for a city employee to accept, any benefit, monetary or otherwise, either as a gratuity for properly performing the job or in exchange for special consideration. Violation is punishable by imprisonment or fine or both. I understand that if I am found after hearing to have knowingly or negligently made a false statement or to have knowingly or negligently falsified or allowed to be falsified any certificate, form, signed statement, application, report or certification of the correction of a violation required under the provisions of this code or of a rule of any agency, I may be barred from filing further applications or documents with the Department.


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