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Property owners participating in the pilot program can select one of the winning artwork packages to install at their site. As a participant, building owners are allowed to display a limited sponsorship message with the artwork. Sponsorships can be any entity, including the developer, builder or an outside organization, that has agreed to defray the costs of posting the public artwork.

Sponsorships must meet the size and location requirements described in the Building Owner Guide. Sponsorship signs may include the name and corporate logo of the sponsor. No advertising message or product depiction is allowed. No artwork or sponsor message may be illuminated.

All sites must display an informational building rendering and an artist/competition credit, and sponsorships must include the words: "urbancanvas sponsored by:".

Sponsorship agreements shall be between the party in control of the site and the sponsor. The City of New York will not be responsible for securing a sponsor, nor be a party to any contract relating to the sponsorship. Sponsorships will only be allowed for the duration the artwork is on the structure. If the artwork is removed, the sponsorship message must be removed.

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