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Informational Building Rendering & Artist Credit

All building sites with a construction fence erected in connection with a New Building or an Alteration job participating in the pilot program are required to post an informational building rendering of the project including the following details:

  1. Rendering, elevation drawing of building or zoning diagram of building exterior
  2. Type of work in progress (i.e. residential, commercial)
  3. Anticipated completion date
  4. Owner name, address and phone number
  5. Contact for project information (phone number or website)
  6. General Contractor name and phone number for emergencies
  7. Building Enforcement Safety Team (BEST) phone number (for Major Building sites)
  8. 311 information
  9. The primary permit (NB or Alt)

If the informational rendering is posted, no other construction signage is required on the temporary structures.

Design specifications for the informational building rendering are identified in the Building Owner Guide.

Sample Image:
Informational Rendering
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In addition to the informational building rendering, an artist/competition credit must be posted if artwork is used on any temporary protective structure on a construction site.

These credits will be available for download when a site is approved for art work installation.

Specifications regarding the artist/competition credit are identified in the Building Owner Guide.

Credit Image:
Designed by Jane Doe - urbancanvas Design Competition
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