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Taxicab Ownership

Qualifications for Ownership of a Taxicab Medallion: An individual, partner or corporate officer must:
  • be 18 years of age for corporate ownership and be 19 years of age for individual ownership.
  • comply with all TLC rules and pay all required fees. (How to get a TLC License)

An owner must comply with all TLC rules and pay all required fees. Once a year they will also be required to file an annual financial disclosure report with the TLC. However, financial disclosure reports will not be required when applying for a license.


Taxicab Transferability

An independent taxicab owner may sell his/her interest only to another independent taxicab owner.

An independent taxicab owner may not be a shareholder or owner of another taxicab.

Transfers of ownership must be approved by the TLC. All outstanding liens, judgments, claims and fines must be paid from the proceeds of a sale.


Taxicab Operation

An independent owner must personally operate the taxicab 210 9-hour shifts per year.

All other owners must double shift their vehicles everyday, seven days a week.

Taxicabs may only charge fares authorized by the TLC, may only accept street hails, and may not refuse passengers.

All vehicles and any equipment used in a taxicab must meet TLC specifications and be approved in advance by the Commission.

If an agent is used, the owner is also personally responsible, along with the agent for compliance with all TLC rules.

The TLC sets the maximum rate that may be charged to lease a taxicab.

Accessible Dispatch System

The TLC is establishing an accessible dispatch program that all accessible medallion owners will be required to participate in. To learn more about the program please visit our Accessible Dispatch System Website.

All owners and drivers will be given more information about the project, roles and responsibilities as the implementation date gets closer.

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