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November 6 - General Election

Taxicab Passenger Enhancement Project & Street Hail Livery Passenger Enhancements Projects

Since 2008, the TLC has required that all yellow taxis be equipped with an in-vehicle technology system known as the TPEP. With the introduction of the green Street Hail Livery in 2013, the system was modified to suit its requirements. Therefore, the technology system found within green taxis is called the LPEP, while the system within yellow taxis is called the TPEP. Apart from a few slight functionalities differences, both systems perform similar duties.

T/LPEP System Amenities:

  • Credit card processing
  • Information entertainment for passengers
  • Driver communications
  • Electronic trip recording (no passenger information is ever collected)

How do I become a T/LPEP Provider?

Please click here to see all the requirements and procedures to become a TPEP or LPEP provider.