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Application Forms for Technology Providers

This page contains application forms and other useful information for those looking to join the technology branch of the for-hire industry. The links below are organized as follows: Passenger Service, Equipment Manufacturing, and Vehicle Assembly. Companies wishing to provide for-hire service will likely need to apply for most of the licenses below.

Passenger-Facing Services

E-Hail License:

Application Form and Instructions
Current E-Hail Providers (Sorted by Provider Number)

E-Hail licenses authorize companies to operate mobile apps that allow passengers to hail taxis electronically. Fares are still calculated by the taximeter and the drivers are licensed by the TLC. Companies working only with liveries, black cars, or limousines do not need to apply for this license.

Equipment Manufacturing

Technology Service Provider:

Apply for a TSP License
Licensed TSPs

TSPs provide driver authentication, credit card processing, and trip recording functionality to taxicabs and Street-Hail Liveries.

Taximeter Manufacturer’s License:

Apply For and Learn More About Taximeter Manufacturer’s License
Taximeter Manufacturer Requirements

Companies that create taximeters (including software-based meters running on mobile devices) must acquire a license. In addition to TLC licensure, taximeters must be approved by the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets Bureau of Weights and Measures. Companies working only with liveries, black cars, or limousines do not have to apply for this license.

The following require approval from our Safety and Emissions department. Once you have obtained the below items, please call 718-267-4559 to schedule testing.

In-Vehicle Camera System (IVCS) Requirements: 67-12
Approved IVCS Models
Roof Light Requirements: 64-29
Rooftop Advertising Fixture Requirements: 67-16

Vehicle Assembly and Management

Taximeter Business License:

Apply For and Learn More About Taxi Meter Business Licenses
Taximeter Business Requirements 64-13
Current Taxicab Meter Shops - Sorted by TLC License Number

Taximeters Business Licenses are required in order to operate a meter shop, which is a business authorized to repair yellow and green taxis or install equipment.

Agent License:

Apply For and Learn More about Agent Licenses
Agent Requirements
Current Medallion Agents - Sorted by Agent Number

Agents manage yellow taxi fleets on behalf of medallion owners. This includes responsibilities such as leasing vehicles to drivers, accounting services, etc. If a technology provider is interested in operating vehicles, an agent license may be necessary.

Base License:

Apply For and Learn More About Livery Base Station Licenses
Apply For and Learn More About Black Car Base or Luxury Limousine Base Licenses
Base License Requirements
Current Luxury Limousine Bases - Sorted by TLC License Number

Base licenses are required to provide pre-arranged for-hire transportation in New York City. There are three different license classes with differing requirements: community car services, black cars, and luxury limousines. If a technology provider is planning on dispatching FHVs, either a base license or a DSP is necessary.

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