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Industry Reports

Welcome to the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission’s Industry Reports web page!

TLC conducts a variety of research to maintain and improve the taxi system in New York City. On this page you will find research reports, presentations, and other useful information about the industries TLC regulates and the important role they play in NYC’s transportation system.

TLC Factbooks please click here.

Annual Reports to New York City Council:

2018 2009
2017 2008
2016 2007
2015 2006
2014 2005
2013 2004
2012 2003
2011 2002

Taxi Improvement Fund Reports:
TIF Report to City Council

Local Law No. 147 – Quarterly Reports
First Quarter Report

HAIL Market Analyses:


In 2012, New York City welcomed the addition of another taxi color to its classic yellow: apple green. These green taxis, also called Street Hail Liveries (SHLs) or boro taxis, are the only taxis allowed to pick up street-hailing passengers outside of the Manhattan Core and airports.

Other Research Reports:

Medallion Sales 2012
The medallion sale review document is part of TLC’s Environmental Impact Statement, where various City agencies pledged to identify and disclose the potential environmental effects of their activities.

Take Charge: A Roadmap to Electric NYC Taxis
This 2013 report assessed the viability of bringing electric cars into the for-hire industry. For more information and progress reports, please see our Pilots webpage.

TLC Public Meetings
On this page are the transcripts, minutes and videos of TLC public meetings. 

Looking for Data and Quantitative Reports? Head to our Data page.

Questions? Write us! research@tlc.nyc.gov