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E-Hail License Application Information

This webpage contains information for smartphone app companies that are interested in obtaining a license to provide an E-Hail app service for New York City passengers and drivers. To learn more about E-Hail, please click here.

Step 1: Submit Application

  • Application: Use this checklist to keep track of all application requirements
  • Requirements: Please refer to Chapter 78 for more information.
  • Email businessunit@tlc.nyc.gov to book an appointment to file your application and all supporting documentation at our Licensing facility in Long Island City.

Step 2: Documentation Review

  • TLC staff will review the application and business documentation.
  • TLC staff will also review the system description for detailed affirmation that the system meets all requirements.
  • Please note that if your company offers E-Payment, the app must integrate with the TPEP and LPEP systems.
  • You will be contacted by the TLC staff for any questions, clarifications, or required modifications.

Step 3: System Demonstration

  • After TLC staff approves documentation, applicants will provide the TLC an in-person demonstration of their system.
  • At this point, your company will be assigned a point-of-contact that you will work with while the TLC is testing your app for compliance.

Step 4: System Testing

  • Before TLC will begin testing your system you must ensure the following:
    • All intended functionality is present and all development is complete,
    • The system has passed your company’s internal QC
    • The TLC has been given access to a test environment in one the following ways:
      • The TLC can download the system on its own devices and able to create driver and passenger test credentials
      • Your company provides one unit with the driver-side system preloaded and another unit with the passenger-side system preloaded.
    • TLC staff will use its test credentials to test all functionality that can be reviewed in-office. If the system passes these tests, TLC staff will use a TLC-owned vehicle to test the remaining functionality.
    • TLC staff will perform all tests on its own, without a company representative.

Step 5: Approval

  • After your system has passed all testing, your company will be approved as a licensed DSP and will appear on the TLC’s list of current licensees. The TLC will keep all test credentials and test units, as applicable.


Detailed E-Hail Specs:

E-Hail licensees are required to capture and transmit trip data. Trip data is to be submitted via an applicant-hosted SFTP as a zipped CSV files. Files are due every Thursday at 3:00 PM covering the Monday and Sunday prior. 

File specification: Please click here

The file naming convention is: EHXXXXX_YYYYMMDD_YYYYMMDD.csv

Questions?   Write us! technology@tlc.nyc.gov