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Dispatch Service Provider (DSP)

A Dispatch Service Provider (DSP) is allowed to dispatch a FHV on behalf of the FHV base.  An app company can obtain this license if they would like to work with other FHV bases’ affiliated vehicles.

Quick Overview:

  • A base license is not required if the app company decides to only dispatch FHVs on behalf of another base.
  • There are fewer requirements for licensure compared to getting a base license.
  • DSPs are allowed to dispatch across multiple license classes if contracted with the appropriate bases.
  • Unlike a FHV Base, DSPs cannot affiliate vehicles
  • DSPs have access to a smaller pool of vehicles, while bases have access to all vehicles in its vehicle class. (Livery bases can have access to all livery vehicles, while DSPs can only dispatch on behalf of the affiliated vehicles of the livery base they contracted with)
  • DSPs cannot work with Yellow medallion taxicabs but they can work with SHLs under their livery platform.
  • For more information regarding the rules to follow, please click here.

How do I become a Dispatch Service Provider?

Please click here to see all the requirements and procedures to become a Licensed Dispatch Service Provider.  

For a complete list of TLC-licensed Dispatch Service Providers, click here.