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Welcome to TLC’s Data web page! On this page you’ll find aggregated data containing information on our various indicators, trip counts, crash history, etc., and also raw trip data from a variety of sources.

Aggregated Reports
Raw Data

Policy researchers at the Taxi and Limousine Commission use the data generated by our licensees to observe changing trends in the industry and inform decisions made by our agency and by City Council. To demonstrate the data and types of analysis the Policy team uses, members of the team have created blog posts for the TLC's Medium blog, which you can find here:

Learn about popular Halloween destinations by our riders, visualize ridership trends with TLC FastDash, or see what talented developers are doing with our Open Data (and how they did it)! We try to have a new post to share each month, so check back frequently!

Want More Data?

You can request TLC data that are not currently on the Open Data website by filing a FOIL request.

Looking for Industry Reports? Visit our Industry Reports page.
Looking for information on Technology? Head to our Technology and Innovation page.
Questions?  Write us! research@tlc.nyc.gov