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Chairperson Review of OATH Taxi Tribunal Decisions

Procedures for Chairperson Review

Pursuant to Section 68-12 of the TLC Rules, the TLC Chairperson has issued the following Orders:

TLC v Haitham A.Noufal: Summons 1331901A, 1331902A- January 12, 2012

TLC v Murray Jacobs: Summons CD00465- January 18, 2012

TLC v Nagman Iqbal: Summons 1293920A- January 23, 2012

TLC v Gurjeet Singh: Summons 1321164A- January 23, 2012

TLC v City Transport Management Corp.: Summons 400333C- January 27, 2012

TLC v Mbaye Faye: Summons 1389881A-March 14, 2012

TLC v Mbaye Faye: Summons 1389880A-March 26, 2012

TLC v A & A Trading Corp: Summons INR000490, INR000491, INR000492-March 26, 2012

TLC v Issa Moustafa: Summons 1403061A-April 20, 2012

TLC v Yuzan Miao: Summons 300410P-May 16, 2012

TLC v Jose Peralta: Summons 1397993A- October 4, 2012

TLC v Tab Operating Co. and Rutabaga Cab Corp.: Summons AD07071 and AD 07087- October 23, 2012

TLC v A.B. Mohamed- Saeed: Summons 1414014A- November 13, 2012

TLC v Samfes Yo Corporation: Summons 1438404A- November 30, 2012

TLC v Allsta Inc.: Summons 1450785A - March 4, 2013

TLC v Mohamadou Konateh: Summons PV0003080 – March 10, 2014

TLC v Russel M. Philip, Summons 70240045A; TLC v Sharon Hamilton, Summons 70510007A; TLC v Pioneer Operating Corp., Summons 1438015A; TLC v Jose Manuel Reyes Quirino, Summons 1449156A; TLC v Regal Palms Service Corp., Summons 1450196A; TLC v Able 1 Transportation Inc., Summons 1453932A - April 22, 2013

TLC v Tony O. Alston, Summons 71110088A – July 22, 2014

TLC v. Andrew Lopez: Summons PA242423 – November 21, 2014

TLC v. Muhammad Mallhi: Summons US0000941 – November 28, 2014

TLC v Enrique Pichardo: NU0000009 – September 22, 2014

TLC v Mohammed K Ahmed: Summons PV0003691 – January 28, 2015

TLC v. Aboubacar Kaba: Summons CD0017519 – September 2, 2015

TLC v. Derrick A Richards: Summons 71870414A; TLC v. Camille S. Orta: Summons 1468866A – September 2, 2015

TLC v. Leon M. Sanderson: Summons 70670564A – November 2, 2015

TLC v. Jeff Smith: Summons 71900505A – November 30, 2015

TLC v. Hafiz M. Akram: Summons 70480664A – February 9, 2016

Chapter 68 - Adjudications