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Rate of Fare

Standard City Rate (Rate Code 1)
$2.50 upon entry
$0.50 for each additional unit
The unit fare is:

  • One-fifth of a mile, when the Taxicab is traveling at 12 miles an hour or more; or
  • 60 seconds (at a rate of $.50 per minute), when the Taxicab is traveling at less than 12 miles an hour. 
  • The taximeter shall combine fractional measures of distance and time in accruing a unit of fare. Any combination of distance or time shall be computed by the taximeter in accordance with the National Institute of Standards and Technology Handbook 44. 
  • The fare shall include pre-assessment of the unit currently being accrued; the amount due may therefore include a full unit charge for a final, fractional unit. 
  • Night surcharge of $.50 after 8:00 PM & before 6:00 AM 
  • Peak hour Weekday Surcharge of $1.00 Monday - Friday after 4:00 PM & before 8:00 PM 
  • New York State Tax Surcharge of $.50 per ride. 

Flat Fare from John F. Kennedy (JFK) Airport:
For trips between (to and from) Manhattan and JFK International Airport,  the flat fare is $52.00 plus any tolls using Rate Code 2 on the meter.  A NY State Tax Surcharge of $.50 will be added to each trip.

If passengers request multiple stops, the flat rate of $52.00 will be collected at the first stop in either Manhattan or JFK International Airport, and the meter will be activated at Rate Code 1 (standard city rate) for the remainder of the trip. The metered fare should be collected at the last stop, from the last passenger.

All trips between JFK International Airport and New York City destinations other than Manhattan will use that standard metered rate.

On all trips within New York City, any bridge and tunnel tolls to the destination shall be paid by the passenger, who shall be informed before the start of the trip.

On all trips within New York City, return tolls shall not be charged except for trips over the Cross Bay Veterans, Marine Parkway-Gil Hodges Memorial, and Verrazano Narrows Bridges.

On trips beyond  New York City, all necessary tolls to and from the destination shall be paid by the passenger.

Trips Beyond the City
For a trip beyond the limits of New York City, except Westchester or Nassau Counties, or Newark Airport, the fare shall be a flat rate (a flat rate is a definite amount fixed between the driver and the passenger at the start of the trip).  This flat rate shall be negotiated prior to the trip and entered into the meter via the technology enhancements or TPEP system (when available) using Rate Code 5.

For a trip to the Westchester or Nassau County the fare shall be:

The amount shown on the taximeter, which is calculated at the standard city rate within New York City and at twice the standard rate for the portion of the trip in Westchester or Nassau Counties, plus all necessary tolls to and from the destination, shall be paid by the passenger.  Your taxicab is equipped with a T-PEP (taxi technology) system, and so the metered fare will be calculated automatically by switching to “Rate Code 4” when crossing outside the city limits.

For a trip to Newark Airport the fare is:

the amount shown on the taximeter using Rate Code 3 which includes a surcharge of $17.50; and all necessary tolls to and from the destination shall be paid by the passenger.

Any continuous trip where the point of origin and the destination are both within the limits of the City of New York shall not be considered a trip beyond the City limits, even though the shortest and most direct route requires traveling outside such limits but within contiguous counties. For such a trip the meter must be kept in the recording position throughout.

Group Rides 

Group Rides from York Avenue at East 79th Street --

The fare for trips made at the group ride stand at York Avenue and East 79th Street shall be as follows for each passenger:

To the Financial District - $6.00 per passenger

Group Rides from Marine Air and Delta Shuttle Terminals at LaGuardia Airport – 

A yellow taxi group ride stand at the Marine Air and Delta Shuttle Terminal serves passengers between the hours of 7 and 10 a.m. and 4 and 8 p.m., Monday through Friday.  Passengers pay a flat fare of $22 per person for rides with two passengers, or $18 per person for rides with three passengers for taxicab rides from the stand to drop-off points bounded by 59th Street to the north, 35th Street to the south, 8th Avenue to the west and 2nd Avenue to the east. Drivers are not allowed to pick up additional passengers along the way.

Group Rides from the Port Authority Bus Terminal -- 

A yellow taxi group ride stand at West 42nd Street and 8th Avenue serves passengers between the hours of 6 and 10 a.m. on weekdays. The new service would allow two or more passengers to pay a flat fare of $3.00 for taxicab rides from the group ride stand location to a drop-off point at 59th Street and Avenue of the Americas (6th Avenue).  While passengers will have the ability to “hop off” anywhere along the driver’s chosen route, drivers will not be able to pick up additional passengers along the way.

Persons with Disabilities
A recently-passed rule now requires that drivers not engage the taximeter until a disabled passenger has been settled in, and the ride is about to commence. Drivers are required to assist disabled passengers.

There shall be no charge for  luggage or belongings transported in the interior of the taxicab, or for use of the taxicab's trunk.

For more information on passengers rights within a taxicab, please review the Taxicab Rider's Bill of Rights